About ReSOMA

Work flows

ReSOMA consists in four steps to be repeated twice (once in 2018 and once in 2019)

Step 1:

Setting the policy agenda by identifying the most pressing needs relating to migration, asylum and integration




Step 4:

Informing the political and public debate by communicating on the activities carried out and disseminating ReSOMA’s results to wider audiences

Step 2:

Outlining the most effective policy responses by pooling together stakeholders’ experience and scholarly evidence on experts with a view to design evidence-based policy options



Step 3:

Challenging perceived policy dilemmas & offering alternatives by questioning existing policy patterns in order to turn policy options into viable alternatives for policy-makers


The ReSOMA digital platform provides stakeholders with the essential, sustainable and innovative online tools that they need to bring their scientific and praxis-based knowledge into the EU’s ongoing policy debates and consultations on migration, asylum and integration. The platform serves as a central hub for project’s activities.The platform enables collaborative network and open innovation behaviors by facilitating dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders. The ReSOMA Policy Briefs include policy briefs on setting and responding the EU policy agenda, available policy options and perceived policy dilemmas and alternatives. In addition, the monthly expert interviews are focused on correcting coverage of the major news story likely to (re)shape the EU’s response to a key migration, asylum or integration issue.


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