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European Migrations: Dynamics, Drivers, and the Role of Policies

The European Commission released a report on the dynamics and drivers of European migrations, and the role of policies. This study draws policy implications from the analysis of the evolution of European post-war migrations. It examines the effects of internal border opening combined with the ongoing convergence of immigration rules and visa requirements in Europe. Based on the insight that migration is driven by structural factors that often lie beyond the reach of migration policies, the second part of the study looks closely at structural factors that shape migration in both origin and destination countries and assesses the extent to which polices are able to address these factors. Two key areas are analysed in more detail: the level of development in countries of origin and the structure of labour demand in destination countries.


This report shows the importance for effective migration governance to be supported by a realistic understanding of the drivers and dynamics of migration, and to incorporate lessons learnt about the effects and effectiveness of past migration policies. It also shows the importance of understanding the impacts of ‘non-migration’ policies on long-term patterns and trends of migration. It highlights the key role of policy coherence across sectors of governance (i.e. between migration policies and economic, social and other policies), to avoid unintended consequences and potential counter-effects.


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