The external dimension of EU asylum policy - Identifying Priorities and Assessing Policy Options in EU Migration, Asylum and Integration policy


The objective of this e-survey is to collect feedback from key national stakeholders (including NGOs and local level municipalities) regarding policy options in the areas migration, asylum and integration. Specifically, the survey aims to collect respondents’ views on major initiatives adopted in these areas at the EU and national level, with a view to assess the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of current policy responses.


In line with one of ReSOMA’s key objectives, this survey will allow to identify the most significant similarities and discrepancies in policy perceptions between the national and the EU level. In particular: 1) Are policy priorities currently on the EU agenda present with the same high-level importance also at the national level? 2) What policy priorities are identified as relevant at the national level which are currently not adequately taken into consideration at the EU level?


Specifically, this survey will collect national stakeholders’ views on policy priorities related to the following topic identified by the ReSOMA team as particularly relevant: The external dimension of EU asylum policy.


The information collected through the survey will remain anonymous, will be safely stored by project partners and will be processed only for the purpose of the research. Practices on data collection, processing and storage adopted in this survey are in line with the Horizon 2020 Programme Annotated Model Grant Agreement

If you have any immediate questions about the survey or the ReSOMA project more broadly, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Thank you for your time and collaboration.