Expert Database

Margherita Limoni
Immigration Lawyer - Human Rights and Monitoring Consultant
Italy, Italy
Waheed Ahmad Qureshi
Doctoral Student
Anadolu University, Turkey
  • #Migration
Silvia Rizzuto
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Marie Walter-Franke
Doctoral fellow
Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • #Asylum
Anna Trylińska
PhD Candidate
Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland, United Kingdom
  • #Asylum
  • #Migration
Patrizia Bussi
European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, Belgium
  • #Migration
  • #Integration
Eva María Jiménez Lamas
Trade union official in charge of the Migration and Migrant Action component of the TU
CSC-ACV Brussels, Belgium
  • #Migration
Daniela DeBono
Senior Lecturer
Malmo University , Sweden