Expert Interviews

Thomas Huddleston - Research Director at Migration Policy Group- Brussels

Monthly Expert Interview: The ReSOMA Project.


Simona Ragazzi - Judge in criminal matters at Catania First Instance Court

Monthly Expert Interview: Smuggling of migrants, trafficking and criminal groups

Simona Ragazzi - Judge in criminal matters at Catania First Instance Court

Monthly Expert Interview: The migration crisis as a test for the EU and UN on tackling the Organised Crime

Sergio Carrera - Senior Research Fellow and Head of Justice and Home Affairs Programme at CEPS

Monthly Expert Interview: The contribution of  the ReSOMA Project.


Kris Pollet - Senior Legal and Policy Officer at European Council on Refugees and Exiles ( ECRE)

Monthly Expert Interview: The externalisation of EU Asylum Policy.


Adrew Geddes - Director of the Migration Policy Centre - Chair in Migration Studies - European University Institute

Monthly Expert Interview: Migration related conditionally in Eu- external funding.


Astrid Mattes - Postdoctoral Researcher - Migration Researcher from the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Monthly Expert Interview: Better regulation supporting social inclusion of the undocumented.

Ricardo Zapata - Director of the interdisciplinary Research group on Immigration - Pompeu Fabra University

Monthly Expert Interview: Policy Mainstreaming of Immigrant Integration.


Marco Martiniello - Research Director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research

Monthly Expert Interview: Cities as Service providers.


Jan Paul Brekke - Sociologist and Migration researcher at Norwegian Institute for Social Reserach

Monthly Expert Interview: The concept of Safe Third Country.


Albert Kraler- Senior researcher at International Centre for migration policy development- Vienna

Monthly Expert Interview: Impossibility of family reunion for beneficiaries of international protection.

Morgane Nicot - Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Expert at UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Monthly Expert Interview: The Protocol against the smuggling of migrants.


Lefteris Papagiannakis - Vice Mayor of the City of Athens for Migrants refugees and Municipal Decentralization

Monthly Expert Interview: Cities and Eu Funding on migration and integration

Alessio D'Angelo- Co-Director of the Social Policy Research Center at Middlesex University- London

Monthly Expert Interview: Crackdown on NGOs assisting refugees and other migrants