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Strategic litigation: the role of EU and international law in criminalising humanitarianism - Policy Option Brief

This ReSOMA brief explores some options for strategic litigation and advocacy to stop and prevent the criminalisation of migration and wider policing of humanitarianism. It is answering the following questions: 

• How can criminalised individuals, civil society organisations frame their claims? What judicial, administrative and democratic accountability venues are available to them at the EU level? 

• Which are other international and regional venues that have been or could be used to highlight the shared responsibility of the EU and its Member States for the crackdown on NGOs? 

• Are there effective remedies available for judicial harassment, when a criminal prosecution amounts to persecution of civil society? 

• What can be done to challenge early signs of policing (suspicion, intimidation and harassment, disciplining on other unrelated administrative offences) before they escalate into a criminal prosecution?

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