Our 9 Consultations on Asylum, Migration & Integration are online!

Are you a migration practitioner, researcher or policy-maker?


Then we want to hear your thoughts! As our project ReSOMA is striving to better connect academics, civil society organisations and policy-makers for evidence-based asylum, migration and integration policies, we are currently carrying out online consultations on some of the most pressing issues in each of these policy areas.

ReSOMA’s online consultations are open to national stakeholders, practitioners, policy actors and researchers working on the areas of asylum, migration and integration. The responses will feed into a summary reportwhich will inform our selection of the most effective EU policy options, together with consultations with EU-level actors and international organisations.


You can find all our online consultations below. Just click on the links to share your views, experiences and examples in our interactive platform.



- How to address secondary movement of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection?

- How can the EU contribute to the implementation of Global Compact on Refugees?

- How could the EU support Search and Rescue operations and disembarkations?



- In what ways can the EU foster integration through private sponsorship programmes?

- In what ways can the EU foster comprehensive approach to integration at the local level?

- Who is reshaping public opinion on EU migration policies?



- In what ways could strategic litigation help overcome the increasing criminalisation of individuals and NGOs supporting migrants?

- The increasing and controversial use of detention of asylum-seekers and irregular migrants in the EU

- What is the EU’s role in implementation of the Global Compact for Migration?

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