Research Social platform on Migration and Asylum

The project at a glance

The Research Social Platform Research on Migration and Asylum (ReSOMA) provides a platform for exchanging knowledge and practice in the field of Asylum, Migration and Integration. The project aims to ensure European policymakers and stakeholders access accurate and reliable evidence for policies. ReSOMA is funded under the Horizon2020 programme.

The Reasons behind ReSOMA

Migration remains high on the European political agenda. Anti-immigrant sentiment is systematically spread, both in elections and in referendums and debates about EU membership at national level.


Policy-making on asylum and migration at EU and Member State level has not been able to provide sustainable solutions, which is also due to the fact that it is not based on evidence and data. Instead, proposed policies and measures focus on security, border control and how to increase return rates, thereby responding to people’s concerns and fears and enabling EU and national policy-makers to prove to their constituencies that they are exercising control. The rhetoric of ‘crisis’ and an alleged need to re-establish control and order prevails the actual need to base policies on evidence and data.


Evidence and data of academics and researchers as well as the realities service providers and civil society organisations face on the ground are rarely considered in policy proposals.


ReSOMA aims to fill this gap by establishing a reliable platform for exchanging evidence, data and good practice in the field of asylum, migration and integration that decisionmakers can rely on.

Supporting a Sustainable and mutually beneficial collaboration between EU research and stakeholder networks.

Making EU’s platforms for policy dialogue and consultation more evidence-based.

Shedding light on the top priorities that need to be tackled at the EU level.

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